Universal Book Links for ALL major retailers #authors #publishing #books

I am delighted with Books2Reads new “book linker” service. That’s right, you can now get universal links for ALL your books and not just for Amazon territories, as you could with Booklinker.net

Thanks to this brilliant new service, if you want to buy one of my books, you only have to click on one link and you go to the Books 2 Read page which gives you an option to pick which store you’d like to go to. Even better, it let’s you pick a default so if you always read on a Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad etc you can make sure you go straight through to the relevant store, bypassing their landing page entirely! How brilliant is that?

Want to try it? Then click on any of these links for my books and see what it’s all about.

Sophie Morgan Vampire Series

#1 Relative Strangers


#2 Death in the Family


Short Stories

Off the Bench


Restorative Justice with a Twist



Urban Poetry about Wales

Poverty, Pills and the ‘Port






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