5 Stages: Accepting Your Reviewers Were Right #writers #SundayBlogShare

Once again @BlondeWriteMore hits the nail on the head. They key to a good book is taking time apart from it once you’ve finished that first draft, and probably once you’ve finished the final draft too! Having a good editor helps and I can’t stress how important this is. I released my first book unedited to test the water, relying only feedback from beta-readers and other author friends. It was okay but needed work. Since then it’s been edited, picked up a publisher and is in much better shape. It wasn’t painless! What was painless, was working with two different editors with my second “Sophie Morgan” book, once privately and then again when I was signed to a publisher – I suspect I wouldn’t have been picked by mine if I hadn’t had the second book properly edited to start with and listened to the feedback from them and other reliable, honest readers. It’s important to note, however, to pick the right readers/reviewers – target those who read that type of book and/or your target audience. Advice to new writers? Suck it up buttercup, not everyone is going to like the work you’ve been bleeding over a keyboard to create and that’s okay, but if everyone is picking up on the same issues then it’s time to consider whether they have a point.


5 Stages - Accepting Your Beta-Readers Were Right-2

  1. Denial.You are up to your eyeballs in writer denial. Reviewer feedback on your draft novel suggests you still have a lot of work to do. Your writer denial levels are soaring!‘Oh my goodness that is not true!’ you cry out from the laptop, after glancing through all the comments. Even though your reviewers did their upmost to be constructive, giving you strengths and weaknesses, its the weaknesses you home in on. Loved ones listen to you shrieking from Writing Corner ‘good grief there is NOTHING wrong with my plot!’ and ‘I do NOT have characters that need developing further!’ You share the feedback with your loved one who, diplomatically, tries to get you to view the feedback as valuable and helpful. This immediately causes marital tension and you remind them about where their loyalties should lie. It feels like the entire world is against you. No one loves…

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