Relative Strangers Radio: A #Playlist for the Sophie Morgan vampire #books

I love it when I stumble across an old blog post that makes me smile. Music has always played an important part in my life and in the creative process. These are the tunes which inspired, or are inspired by, or indeed actually feature IN Relative Strangers (okay well one does), the first book in the “Sophie Morgan” series. Can you guess which ones inspired or reflect which scene? Which character do they remind you of? It would be very interesting to hear from readers. What music inspires you to write? What music reminds you of those key moments when your world shifted? Hopefully it wasn’t because you stumbled into a vampires nest or anything though… that would just suck!

Helen Treharne

If I wasn’t a writer, there are a few jobs I think I’d like to do. One of them is developing soundtracks for film. It’s rare that I don’t turn the radio on when driving and think “wow, that would suit that scene” in a film. I love the use of music to suggest emotion and its clever use in film to evoke and era. There is nothing as chilling as a perfectly cheery tune set to spine tingling suspense or violent action, like lift music being played over a zombie attack.

It’s no different with my writing, I’ll be ambling along in a traffic jam or rifling through the clothes rails in a shop when I’ll hear a track and my brain will instantly match it to a scene in my writing project.

Music features a lot in my first book, Relative Strangers, albeit subtly.  From Led Zeppelin on…

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