A Vampire Christmas Advent Calendar : #Christmas Day 

What can I say? The past 24 days have been a blast. It’s been wonderful to reflect on all the characters and places I’ve created as part of the Sophie Morgan series.  Now we’ve arrived at day 25 on our advent tour of the Sophie Morgan vampire world and it’s Christmas day.

If you’ve been fortunate to receive an unexpected gift today or would just like to give one to someone else at short notice, don’t forget you can pop over to Amazon and purchase a book for someone… if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen of the Sophie Morgan books, then pop over and purchase one of them yourself.

Buy the Sophie Morgan Vampire Series here….

UK Buy Link http://bit.ly/SMVsUK

US Buy link http://bit.ly/SMVsUS

I hope you are all enjoying this special day with your loved ones and appreciate the time you’ll get to spend with them today. Of course, not everyone is that lucky. Some people will spend it alone. Do a little something if you can to reach out to them and share a little hope and a little love today.





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