Vampire #Christmas Advent: 13 December

Rachel is one of those characters who I loved writing about as she is very different from me… or at least she is by the end of Relative Strangers. When we first meet her she is a lawyer, working hard and completely focussed on her career. Then, a health scare and a chance meeting with Charles Ferrers changes everything.


Rachel 2

Currently, all she had was a few good months, followed by a few horrific ones. Even if he was going to take her into an alley and kill her now, what was the difference? It surely couldn’t be any worse, and if everything he was saying was true, then perhaps she had everything to gain. He’d been right about her dying after all. Perhaps he was right about the type of future she could have. She’d worked her whole life for the big pay-out, maybe this was it. It wasn’t conventional, but perhaps that was a good thing.

“Why me?” she eventually asked him,” why not her?” She nodded towards a tall, slender woman with supermodel looks, ordering champagne at the bar.

“Why on earth would you want to be like her?” he asked. “Wouldn’t you rather be you, but better?”

And on that note, she finished the last drop of wine from her glass and placed it confidently on the table. She was going to allow him to give her the best compliment she’d ever had.


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