5 Ways to Stretch Your Word Count

Dropping by my WordPress Reader is always a joy and today I stumbled across this, so it is we definitely a “red car day”. It’s an interesting piece and a change from most advice posts on how to cut your word count and cut out unnecessary exposition, waffle and so on. I’m not one to advocate setting yourself an arbitrary word count, there’s either enough story or there isn’t – sometimes you don’t have enough words for a novel because there’s only enough story for a short story or a novella. That said, there are definitely occasions where you might need to bolster your numbers, for example for writing competitions. These seem like good tips to add a few thousand words, especially if you hold fast to the maxim that the quantity should still equate to quality. The subplot point is my favourite – one question to ask is “is the story to thin or one dimensional. What am I not saying/showing that I should be?” Definitely food for thought!

A Writer's Path


This time last year, I thought my newest New Adult speculative fiction work-in-progress about the collective subconscious and evil corporations was finished and ready for the world.

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