Planning your novel, part four

Another post worth a reblog on the dark art of planning! Love it! Thanks for sharing it “Entertaining Stories.”
I’m a big fan of post it notes and a wall for planning and capturing ideas, but increasingly there are some great, free tools which can help create a virtual alternative. Trello, although designed for sharing ideas and lists, is one tool I’ve used for workload planning and I can see that would have some value. I’ve recently rediscovered Pinterest, which I’ve found a great tool for scrapping booking inspiration and ideas.

Entertaining Stories

I’ve given everyone a pretty good idea of how I set up my board, and how I move my cards around to get between the cornerstones of a story. I’ve also explained how you might use a different style and still benefit from a storyboard. Today is all about the bells and whistles that really help me with a story.

My app comes with a drawer that holds things in addition to index cards. Some of these are very handy, others not so much. I have no need to put a contact card in my outline. (Maybe a pizza place that delivers?)

Note: if you want to try a physical storyboard, you can do all the same things.

I want to start off with the checklist option. There are certain things that you want your character to do. Why not make a checklist and include it in your outline. This…

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