Editing Software Tools For Writers

Have to reblog this.. No Wasted Ink is always a great “go to” blog for writing tips and this is another useful post. Self editing is notoriously difficult and if you can use some tools to help with some of it it’s worth it. I use online/ add in tools to help identify some of my own bad habits as it’s easy to miss them when you’re on your fourth read of a manuscript eg frequently used words or adverbs. I know I will have some of the critters in there, they always slip through, and being able to quickly identify them before I start the real slog of detailed line editing is useful. I use a couple of paid ones for different things, depending on what I want and if I want to copy/paste or not. Grammarly and Autocrit are useful tools. Ginger useful too but it’s “suggestions” for improvement often miss the mark. I love the freebie suggestions here – few I’ve not heard of but will definitely try.

No Wasted Ink

Editing For WritersThere are many tools to help people with writing such as word processors, apps, pen and paper and more. Never has it been easier to record the written word into a manuscript. However, what do you do with your draft once it is complete? Until recently, you paid a high price for an editor to go over it for grammar, spelling, and content errors. Today, there are software tools to help bring down the cost of hiring an editor. I use some of these tools myself, going over my manuscript in layers, each program helping me locate certain issues that I want to address before I pack it up and send it to my human editor. By doing so, I save money since the final corrections that the editor makes are minimal.

All of the programs I review below have not contacted me to review them. I selected them becauseā€¦

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