How to Write a Book Review

Great advice from Susan Finlay! I particularly like the point about reviews not having to be war and peace. A line or a few words is fine if it is an honest indication of how you felt. It can be daunting when the reader sees chunks of prose detailing the technical virtues of a book. Most readers will just want to know if you liked it or not. If you can add some extra detail that’s a bonus, I think we should be mindful of the fact that most readers are only likely to give a review right after they’ve finished a book. When you get a prompts to review at the end of your ebook, the last thing you want to do is tap an essay on your kindle keyboard or iPad. Viva the short review! We just want more of them.

Susan Finlay Writes

Before I became an author, I never wrote book reviews on Amazon. It never occurred to me that I should. I would read them, but I didn’t think it was my duty (or right) to write them. Since then, I’ve written numerous reviews. My husband has, too. What I’ve come to realize is that authors and readers need book reviews from all kinds of readers, not just from professional reviewers.

Authors look for reviews because they are putting their books out there to be read, and they long for feedback. They want to know that people aren’t only buying the books, but are actually reading them. Reviews also help the author (usually) because they help potential readers make a decision to give the book a chance.

I’ll give you an example: I recently got a Kindle Fire and started browsing for books on Amazon. That’s an eye-opening experience. The first…

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