#RRBC Rave Reviews Book Club Author Helen Treharne

Another excellent day on the virtual book tour. Today I’m with John Howell, talking about planning for writers, with a couple of tips for you ! Thanks for having me over John.

Fiction Favorites

I am pleased to host a stop on the Rave Reviews Book Club Author’s Spotlight Tour. This week’s Spotlight Author is Helen Treharne author of her new book Death in the Family (available February 14th) and Relative Strangers. 

Helen Treharne Author Bio picHelen Treharne Book Cover

Writing with Helen Treharne – The Planning and the Process

My name is Helen Treharne and I’m a seat-of-your-pants writer. I never suffer from writer’s block. I never have a shortage of ideas. I can happily switch on my computer and just type.

That’s a good thing… right?

The wealth of ideas and ability to soak up inspiration like a sponge is marvellous. I am grateful for this. But it also has a downside. I can have far too many ideas to do anything meaningful with any of them.  I can write so furiously that when I do stop, it’s a grinding halt because I’ve realised some awful plot problem… or even worse…

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