My Writing Process – Part I, Inspiration

A great post by L A Starkey on the basic stages of the writing process!

L. A. Starkey Author

I sat down this morning to shoot a note to a young woman who’s still in secondary school, but who is looking for a bit of mentorship in the way of writing a great book from start to finish. After putting my thoughts on paper I realized that even though most of you (my writing friends) have written a book, perhaps there are some of you who haven’t, so I thought it appropriate to share. I’m going to blog my writing process over the next few weeks and where I’ll try not to talk about word count and all that jazz, there are bits I’ll share about how I get so much done and why my production schedule can look as ridiculous as it does.

It’s all part of the process. 🙂

Here are the phases of writing a book, as far as I’m concerned.
1. Inspiration – coming up…

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