Elbows Deep in Book Marketing …

Here’s a wonderful way to round off this exciting day ( cover reveal and a free kindle promotion) – a guest spot with R A Black on book promotion. A huge thanks to Rose for the invitation.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. The key to selling books is writing more of them.

Words of RA Black

Elbows deep in marketing? Good. You need to be.

“Writing a book is hard work, but it is not the hardest part.”

That is one of the most frequently repeated phrases I hear about the experiences of authors. It is true of those who publish via the traditional route, as well as independent published writers like myself. Whomever is representing you, whatever your genre, you are going to have to roll up your shirt sleeves and get elbows deep into marketing your book – and you as an author!

The other thing I read a lot is that writers are naturally shy and not inclined to blow their own trumpets.  This is probably also true for many. Personally, I am an introvert in the true behavioural sense – I get my motivation from within. It also means that I pay little truck with small talk. Not obvious aids to networking!…

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