3* Review ‘They Walk At Night: Real British Ghost Stories’ by MJ Wayland



MJ Rayland is a paranormal historian and researcher who seems to have quite a few books on Amazon – many of them on Kindle Unlimited so if you are a subscriber, I’d recommend trying those out via this route. If you do, let me know what they were like.

I picked this up as part inspiration/part research for a ghost novel I’m planning and I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know much about Britain’s spectral history. I’m not sure I know much more about any particular famous cases, but thanks to this book I do know how prevalent and diverse these cases are.  I have to admit that when I opened it and the first story was about Kate Middleton’s house, I did roll my eyes. Shame on me! Once I’ve got passed that though there were some nuggets in there. My impression is that the book isn’t written as a sensationalist piece, nor does it aim to evoke any particular emotion or response to the spooky tales. Each chapter is a very short overview of supernatural occurrences (some dispelled), with the information garnered from newspaper cuttings or historical documents. As such, it might feel quite dry, but once I reminded myself that this isn’t a work of fiction, I got over that. Each “story” is a short, factual, summary of eye witness accounts. They’re well written and impartial. That said, my personal preference would have been to have fewer stories but to flesh them out a bit more. I didn’t come away with much detail and I would have liked more analysis – also more narrative around the impact of the paranormal events on witnesses.

So on balance it gets a three stars from me.


One thought on “3* Review ‘They Walk At Night: Real British Ghost Stories’ by MJ Wayland

  1. MJ Wayland says:

    Thank you for your balanced review. I will definitely take on board your comments for my future books and appreciate that you took the time to review the book.

    Also, its MJ Wayland with a “W” 😀

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