Review of The Haunting: The House on the Lake (Haunted Houses’ Book 1)’ by Tony Walker ⭐️⭐️⭐️


This is a short story about a guy who makes a lot of money, retires early, so moves up the Lake District (England) with his wife, son, dog and his Mexican maid ( this seems to be important but I’m not sure this character trait adds anything and I’ve liked a bit more back story here). Anyway, spooky stuff happens, the maid has a bad feeling about the place and very quickly all is revealed.

The POV is first person which I think works well for this type of story, in as much the reader finds out the answers when the protagonist does. The flip side is that it’s very easy to end up with a lot of narrative and internal monologue and not much showing. This let the story down a little as I didn’t really get a sense of tension or suspense. Admittedly this is difficult to achieve in a short story.

Theres  potential here and aside from a few issues with changes in tense, it wasn’t without merit. The writer clearly has skill I  would just haves liked a bit more showing, rather than tellinG, particularly in building character.

i might be tempted to read more from the author.


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