⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review: Writing Scary Scenes by @Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall’s books remind me of the conversations I used to have about books with my favourite English teacher in school. They always have the feel of someone sharing their experiences, providing helpful advice in a plain English way, without wading it down with details about their own books or preferences. They’re just about lessons learned and best practice which is exactly what a good learning resource should be about. Are the tips earth shattering revelations? No, but the best advice never is. Usually, good advice takes the form of things we just overlook be because we’re too busy, unprepared or, more often, we are too close to the work/situation/ project to see the obvious. Yet again, Rayne provides a book choc full of tips, practical excercises, theory and examples. Whether you are looking for advice on building tension or a steer on language to build mood and help control place, I will be surprised if you don’t find something new to apply to your writing.

Buy it for kindle for £1.85 on Amazon or download it for free if you are a Kindle unlimited customer.



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