10 Howling Great #Horror Movies aka “Were” Are They Now?

I love a good vampire movie just like the next gal, but let’s be honest we are a nation of dog lovers and we really love a good “wolfie” film. Yet when I think of it, I can think of very few good films on lycanthropy from the last ten years. In fact, my favourites are considerably older. Have we fallen out of love with the werewolf?

I hope we haven’t, the genre is filled with great anti heroes and villains that smell like a damp dog and can’t be trusted near a newspaper. With this in mind, today’s “top 10” is proudly about naming my favourite werewolf films, Teen Wolf 1 and 2 aside.

1.Ginger Snaps

Katharine Isabelle’s finest performance, until American Mary anyway. Puberty, periods, lycanthropy. What’s not to love?

2.Ginger Snaps Back

If you didn’t have enough with the first one!

3.An American Werewolf in London

The film that set the bar for me with a sterling performance from Jenny Agutter and possibly one of the best soundtracks ever. Van Morrison and Creedance. That, my friends, is how it’s done.

4.The Howling

A retreat, a reporter, a weird porno scene at the beginning, but brilliant.

5.The Wolf Man (1941)

A classic for a reason, the film that set the stall out for plaid shirt wearing weres and psychos everywhere.

6.Dog Soldiers

Kevin McKidd post Trainspotting and pre Greys Anatomy, the lovely Sean Pertwee and wise cracking soldiers on manoeuvre.

7.The Curse of the Wolf Man 

One mute, one pervy beggar and Oliver Reed. Superb.

8.The Beast Must Die

The one that asks cinema goers to guess who the werewolf is… Yes, that’s right.

9. The Company of Wolves 

Neil Jordan reworks the Red Riding Myth in a dark, sexy, brooding piece. Completely intoxicating.

10. Wolf

Okay, not the best film but worth it for the close up of  Michelle Pfeiffer at the end.


Now I know that there are plenty of good were-flicks I could have included here. There’s the third Ginger film, Silver Bullet, Bad Moon, Bitten, Underworld even ( if you only include the scenes with Micheal Sheen), but who ever heard of a top 12 or top 13?









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