#BookReview: 30 Day Novel by Tara Maya

I’m calling it! Yes this is definitely the best non fiction book I’ve read in months. The art of self publishing is a black one, the art of planning and writing a book to begin with is even darker. Disciplined authors who do all their planning up front are a wonder to me, being someone who starts with a few ideas, then writes, then revisits – the whole process being a slightly iterative one. I’ve read books and articles on writing by writers who offer all sorts of advice about doing copious planning in advance, dedicating a set amount of time to write each day, but its not me. What we have in this book, is a self confessed seat of the pants writer showing you how to manage that approach, reeling you back in with practical activities and tools you can use to get planning earlier (quickly and efficiently I might add) to save you time rewriting and reams of editing later. The book is short, simply written and practical. There’s an understanding that we all can’t sit down and dedicate time to writing – jobs, kids, homes, friends – they all get in the way. Tara recognises this and encourages you to use your time more efficiently – even if it’s just thinking about your writing project. Of all the books on writing I’ve read over the years, this is one of the few that got me switching off my computer, pulling out post it notes and marker pens and really, really planning. Although I’d already started my current work in progress, it has changed the shape of it considerably  and more importantly I’m rattling through it at a rate of knots. I’d wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in writing, professionally or not. If you’re not sure where to start or struggling to finish, this is a book you should download today.


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