#BookReview : Amazon Author Tips, Optimize Amazon, Move up Ranking and Sell more Books by Michelle Vandapas

I bought this as the reviews were very good. Although I’m familiar with the nuances of KDP publishing I hoped it would offer up some tips and tricks which I might not otherwise be aware of. As a UK based writer, many of the advice and guidance out there, is very US-centric. For example, you can gift ebooks in the Kindle Store in the US but this mechanism doesn’t exist in the UK. This short book provides a good overview at a beginner level, which is exactly where it presents itself. It’s easy to follow with plenty of screenshots to guide you through. I did have a few “Aha!!! moments when I thought I’d discovered something new but sadly they don’t all work. I don’t mean that you don’t get the desired result –  it’s just technically not possible. For example, there’s a whole section on how to “like” a book. Try as I might I can’t find book on Amazon that allows that… no “like” button anywhere. This book was published a little while ago (2012) so perhaps that is something which doesn’t exist anymore. As a result, the book is limited – what do you expect for 15 pages – but would still have its uses for a first timer.

Buy it here :





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