The TOP 10 Survivors of Horror

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Hello all. Mark here.

Many people die in horror films. They get tortured, beheaded, chainsawed, stabbed and eaten alive by bugs. The body count is astronomically high and very few make it through.

We here at MFF have decided to write about the survivors of horror. They’ve endured rednecks who wear skin masks and jerky ghosts whom suck your face off. They’ve survived despite immense odds and rough environments. So, in honor of Halloween and these tough individuals John (The Horror Czar) and I will introduce our favorite survivors.


Here is John’s list

1. Kurt Russell (Escape from New York) and Keith David (They Live) from The Thing (1982).  Those guys faced the toughest of times together in the toughest of places against the toughest “thing” and survived…just so that they could freeze to death together knowing that…

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