Remembering Joan Rivers: Groundbreaking Feminist Icon

Joan Rivers, what a woman! She was one of the first women to make it in what we now call stand up – witty, clever, sharp as a tack, and incredibly resilient. Joan you will be missed.


Joan Rivers hated being labeled a pioneer: she thought it made her sound old and irrelevant. “It upsets me to say I’m a pioneer because I’m so current now, you know?” she told PBS in 2012. “I don’t like when the ladies come up and say, ‘Oh, you broke barriers for women.’ And I say, ‘I’m still breaking barriers.'” Rivers worked almost up until her death on Thursday at age 81. She took every job she could get so that fans and industry insiders alike knew that she was no starlet of yesteryear; she was still searching for the next frontier.

Rivers isn’t the only one to bristle at the idea that she’s an icon of progress for women. The comic quickly made an enemy of the feminist movement by picking on other celebrities for the way they looked, how much they weighed or their sex lives. She was infamous…

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