GIVEAWAY : Relative Strangers Out Today.. Grab a FREE copy with this special offer!

The day has finally arrived !!! Relative Strangers, the first in an exciting new vampire series set in Belgium, England and Wales is out and available for download in all good digital bookstores.  It’s available $2.99 in the US, and under £1.99 for the UK, and assorted other prices all around the world. Yep, we’re going global.

Relative Strangers is avilable via ITunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble… you name the place and you can probably download it. You can also download a copy that will suit the e-reader/ tablet/ of your choice via Smashwords… which leads me nicely into this weeks GIVEAWAY

To celebrate, I’m giving away FREE copies to my wonderful followers for one week only!

All you need to do is purchase a copy from Smashwords page ( and enter code  EW76X at checkout. The coupon expires after a week so get it while you can!!

If you like what you read, please leave a review.Reviews can be left at and/or GoodReads.

So search for Relative Strangers by Helen Treharne and enjoy a good read.. after all its August Bank Holiday in the UK… and this is where our story starts ! If you need a helping hand finding a copy online, pop over to the Buy my Books page and follow the links.



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