Thou Shalt Not Criticise Other Women


In the land of feminism there are many turf/TERF (boom boom)wars. It’s a natural result of many people with disparate ideologies being superficially bound together through one shared ideal- the belief that women should be equal to men. How this should be achieved and what this should look like is a matter of great contention. It can be bloody upsetting when you face bigotry, criticism or erasure from those among the ranks you feel are your natural allies, and a result of this is the oft repeated refrain that women shouldn’t denigrate/attack/ criticise etc other women. I can understand the temptation to believe that we should all just support each other in our mission for equality, but it’s not so easy when having a uterus isn’t the only form of oppression you face. Feminism has a white, cis, non-disabled, middle-upper class, well-educated problem which means that if you’re not outright…

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