Women Against Feminism Perpetuate the Problems

The Whole World Blind

Regarding Women Against Feminism:

  • Many of their comments are ignorant, discriminatory, and perpetuate the ideas about appropriate sexual behavior and gender roles. Because I love the men in my life and generally enjoy the company of men as friends, coworkers, and colleagues, my political identity has been assigned to me. Because I love taking care of the house and garden, and occasionally spoiling Daniel with homecooked meals, my political identity has been taken from me.
  • Many of the remarks about how job opportunities are better for women in America now don’t acknowledge the gender gap that still exists in multiple industries (especially in the filmmaking and theatre industries, good Lord).
  • Talking about systematic oppression in the US doesn’t ignore the problems around the world. I read and talk about the problems in both the US and Somalia, for example. Many feminists do.
  • No one is saying that being a victim…

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