The Business of Being an Author: Taking the Advice That Feels Right to Me

Some great advice here. A voice of reason in a choppy sea of advice. I log on and sometimes feel I’m drowning it. I’ve self published a collection of short stories and my first book will be out later next month. I blog about things that interest me, try to engage with people that interest me, work to a marketing plan that works for me, utilising my strengths and my resources. In an ideal world I’m sure there’s more I could do, but I strongly suspect that much of the pleasure might be sucked out of it… After all isn’t that why I still log in and grind out there in the real world with my day job?

From Meredith Allard

In Leo Babauta’s post about how he conducts his business, he talks about the mistakes he’s made as he’s built his business. I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes as well. I learned that I need to stop worrying so much about what others say or do, and I learned that I had to take the advice that feels right and forget the rest.

There are a lot of proclamations out there about the right way to be an indie author. Do this! Don’t do that! Your book will die a slow and violent death if you even consider the other thing over there! Like other authors, I’ve read voraciously about publishing and marketing, and when I began my journey as an indie author in 2011, I tried to do everything I read about, which only made me hyperventilate with the sheer abundance of all the information.


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