Back in the Saddle

© Andrey Armyagov |

© Andrey Armyagov |

Is that a vodka, she’s drinking

With Kiora? That’s stinking!

A night in town drinking,

Can’t see straight, eyes squinting.


Garlic sauce, kebab and chips,

Vomit residue on the lips.

Zanzibar was proper rammed,

Lou Bega had the dance floor crammed.


DJ played Billy Ocean too,

Love Really Hurts Without You.

It’s his loss, not mine, she quietly mumbles,

All I need is a few quick fumbles.


“Hey sunshine, there’s a queue by here!”

She’s had fifteen shots; no sense of fear.

Squirms, pulls pants from her crack,

Elastic snaps back with a whack.


Dumped by her boyfriend;

To ensure the world won’t end,

She’s out on the razzle,

Trying to find a new man to straddle.


At last ! Taxis’ here.

Collapses back on her rear,

Cradles greasy meat and fries,

Feeling like she might die.


Alcohol is no ones friend.

Hold tight, cab takes one sharp bend,

Home in ten, all lights ran.

Purse much lighter, all down to man.


Hangover worse than the heartache,

In drink she vows no more to partake.

Not till next time some tryst ends,

Love flushed away, right down the bend.



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