All Aboard the Brain Train

Another great post from the Springboard Consultancy, whose blog I follow vehemently since completing one of their programmes last year.

Liz Willis always manages to hit the mark with a concisely crafted post which always gets me thinking – be it about women on the news or broader personal development. It’s been a busy week so I’m a little late in sharing my thoughts on this one. This post is all about training your brain to keep it more agile for longer and in short broaden your horizons. The crux of that matter is that to keep you brain in peak physical condition, you should keep pushing it. If for example you keep your mind active by completing the Times crossword, try the Guardian instead.

For those who know me well and are familiar with my broad choice of reading, you’ll be aware of my spell last year consuming everything I could about neuroplasticity and the encouraging concept that you can make changes to your brain and it’s functioning by training it. There is evidence that if you focus on a particular activity, then the portion of your brain that deals with that type of activity will develop further. (For some really good laymans description of the theory, brain chemistry and all things grey matter, Ruby Wax’s excellent book “Sane New World” is worth a read)

A good comparison is physical exercise. If you only do one type of exercise, you are likely to be very good at it, but your body will also likely to get used to it and it won’t have the same physical benefits as you may want. I’m sure many of your aspiring writers out there (and even the successful ones) have learned valuable lessons about writing, or been able to fend off a dry spell, by changing genres or trying something different, like swapping from prose to poetry.

 In short, to get the best out of yourself you have to stretch yourself, sometimes you have to mix it up.






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