Ashes…. (A bit late for Friday Flash but been busy on kitten watch !)

As I soar up and across the landscape below, I look down at the littered mass of people and scattered houses. Parkland, greenery, a woman stood crying in the arms of another. Smiles and tears, memories and regret, wishes for a different place, hope of things to come, joy in the moment. The box in her hand tumbles to the ground and her body seems like one huge exhale. Relinquishing everything, she lets go. She seems smaller and smaller as I soar higher into the sky, mingling with the ether. My daughter whispers a goodbye and I tell her I love her in silent words.

Where there was pain, I feel only warmth. The darkness consuming my blood and bones has been devoured by glorious light. I am energy. I am light. I belong to the universe, to no one and to nothing. I am in the trees, the air, the grass, the earth, in the blossom of every flower.

We’re both at peace.


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